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Straight Tweezers

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Stainless steel tips for easy hair removal and perfect eyebrow shaping.

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1 review for Dirty Works Straight Tweezers

  1. Karen Snowdon

    I love these tweezers. Easy to use. Love the packaging they come in. I store them
    In this packet and always know where they are. I love them so that I have ordered some for my mum and extra pairs for me so I have some in my travel bag, my work bag and my bathroom.

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Always pull the skin taut when plucking eyebrow hair. Pluck in the direction of hair growth following your natural brow arch Psst...insider tip! Tweeze brows after a shower as the warmth helps to soften hairs for easier tweezing.

Material: 100% stainless steel.


In March 2013, a new European Union (EU) law was fully implemented that made it illegal to sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe. We are delighted to let you know that we comply with this law and do not test our products on animals, nor do we employ any third parties to do so as this would be breaking the law!