Three last minute Halloween makeup ideas

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With Halloween just around the corner and no costume in-sight, you might be wondering… what on earth am I going to wear to the party?

In this blog, we’ll reveal our favourite last-minute makeup tips and tricks to perfect any spooky look on a budget, with just a few products required!

Smokey eyes
Dirty Works Smokey Eye Palette

The good news is, a smokey eye goes with just about every Halloween look – whether you’re planning to transform into a smouldering vampire, scary witch or spooky zombie!

Best of all? You only need one product to perfect this spooky eye look – our Smokey Eye Kit, which will set you back just £7!

Top tips:
• Don’t forget to add a base to your eyes! It will help the make-up to stay in place for longer and enhance the colour.
• When creating a smokey eye look, opt for a strong brow to frame the eyes.

Crimson lips

Dirty Works Luxe Lip CrayonsWhether you’re digging out the cat ears to perfect your Catwoman look or raising those brows to the ceiling to impersonate Cruela de Vil, you’ll notice that a lot of Halloween looks include a signature red lip.

Our Red Lip Crayon (included in the Luxe Lip Crayons trio) will give your lips that wow factor without drying them out, all thanks to the colour-rich glossy finish.

Top tip:
• To make your red lip last longer, gently outline the lips with a lip liner (we suggest going darker if you’re opting for a bold look).

Spooky contour

Dirty Works In The Nude Back to Basics Eyeshadow PaletteWhat would a zombie or ghost look be without a deep, dark contour in-place of your go-to bronzer?

The trick is to use your usual bronzer brush and dip into brown-black tone eyeshadows.

Luckily, our Back to Basics palette includes a selection of deep matte shades to save the day… yes, you heard us right – you can use it for your eyes and face!

Top tip:
• Go in with your brown tones first to create a ‘shadowy’ effect. Then opt for the black shadow and gently apply it to specific areas to intensify the look

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