Summer skincare routine


Summer holidays are fun but to maximise your enjoyment, don’t forget to prep your skin in order to feel like your best self when you step off the plane!

Here’s our summer skincare regime to help you achieve that natural glow…


Dirty Works Pore-fect Face ScrubYou’ve removed all traces of makeup with your favourite cleanser… now what?

A gentle exfoliator is the perfect way to buff dead skin cells away and reveal a more radiant complexion in-time for your summer holidays, allowing you to ditch the heavy-duty makeup from your suitcase!

The hardworking scrubby particles in our Pore-Fect Face Scrub help to reduce the appearance of pores and remove any discolouration from the skin, while the addition of cooling Menthol helps to revive and awaken the complexion.

It’s also packed with antioxidant-rich Raspberry and Cranberry Extract – making it the ultimate choice for fresher summer skin.


Dirty Works The Ultimate Detox Mud MaskDoes your skin need some extra TLC?

It’s easy to give it the pre-summer radiance-boost it deserves with our Detox Mud Mask, which has been packed with Blueberry and Willow Bark Extract, plus Green Clay and Kaolin to deep cleanse and replenish oily and blemish-prone skin types.

When popped onto a clean face, neck and décolleté and left for 10 minutes, this wonder mask draws out impurities and helps to reveal a fresher complexion!


In the build-up to, and during, the summer months, your skin requires a quenching moisturiser and our 8-in-1 Miracle Cream could be the perfect cream for the job.

Not only does this best-selling moisturiser provide deep hydration both morning and night, it also helps to stimulate the production of collagen, which will help to keep those wrinkles and fine lines at bay!

Note: if you have oily skin, you might want to opt for a more lightweight, oil-free alternative when the weather is hot. This will allow skin to maintain its hydration, without any oiliness sitting on the surface.

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