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Dirty Works Beauty | Summer Beauty Hacks

When the weather is hot, keeping your makeup and hair on-point can be a struggle – commence that ‘melted’ foundation face and flat hair situation.

This handy guide will give you the low-down on all the beauty hacks you should follow throughout the summer months in order to perfect your hair, skincare, and makeup routine!

1. Store your nail polish in the fridge

We’ve all experienced that feeling of disappointment when you open your favourite nail polish and discover a gloopy mess, only to realise that the lid has been slightly loose for months.

Did you know, putting your favourite nail varnish in the fridge will help to keep the product smooth for a flawless finish?

Tip: a coral shade is the ultimate choice to complete that fun and fresh summer look.

2. Pop some Aloe Vera onto sunburnt skin

We love this natural remedy as it helps to soothe sunburn!

The good news is, our T Zone Sheet Mask includes Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel for their soothing benefits, plus Hyaluronic Acid for added hydration – making it the perfect choice for a sunburnt face!

Note to self: MUST remember to apply SPF next time…

3. Spot conceal instead of wearing a full face of foundation

After all, when the temperature is hot, our foundation melts away anyway!

Our Bye! Bye! Dark Circles Concealer is a lightweight choice, helping to banish under eye circles… it’s also packed with aloe vera to soothe the skin.

4. Fake a sun-kissed glow with highlighter

A good highlighter with a golden or peach-tone can awaken and add radiance to any complexion, especially when teamed with a cool tone bronzer!

Our Blush and Glow palette combines a bronzer, blush and highlight for a flawless summer finish.

5. Apply baby powder to the skin when leaving the beach

It might sound weird but dosing your arms and legs in baby powder when you’re about to leave the beach will soak-up any moisture and allow you to dust away sand with ease!

6. Ditch the smokey eye for a golden shimmer

Smokey eyes can be a little unpractical, especially throughout the summer months.

Our Back to Basics Eyeshadow Palette combines a variety of matte and shimmery shades, from golds to khakis, allowing you to transform your winter makeup into summer glam in an instant!

7. Apply Vaseline to cracked heels

This all-rounder not only saves dry lips, it also saves dry feet – helping to add moisture and heal… no pun intended!

8. Apply lipstick, blot lips with a tissue and dust them with translucent powder

This will give your pout more of a ‘tinted’ finish and make your lipstick last even longer, with less need to touch-up.

9. Pick-up some sun protection spray

We’re reaching for spray sun protection as opposed to the cream equivalent which usually leaves us looking a little pastey on the beach.

The added benefit of spraying SPF onto the skin is that you’ll reach all of the crevasses you might usually miss with a cream.

Plus, it’s super easy to use… result!

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