Meet our new Fizzy Bath Bar!

Get fizzy with it!

If you’re a huge fan of our signature scent, you’re going to love this brand-new bath-time treat.

Although it may smell delicious, our fizzy bath bar is not edible… it IS however the perfect addition to your bathtub for an evening of relaxation.

Unwrap the eye-catching outer packaging, peel the plastic wrapping away and snap off one or two cubes – dependant on how fizzy you want your tub to be!

Each cube bursts into motion as soon as it hits the water and has been infused with Rose, Neroli and Jasmine to add an instant aroma to your bathtub and leave you smelling fresh… all day-long.

Best of all? Each pack includes 8 cubes for the incredible price of £2.50. Meaning that you can use this product 8 TIMES!

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get your hands on the new Dirty Works product that everyone has been talking about, WHILE STOCK LASTS.

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