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How to fake a fuller pout | Dirty Works

It’s no secret that the celebrity faces popping up on our TV screens and Instagram feeds have headed down the surgical route to achieve a fuller pout, but over the past few years we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of tips and tricks floating around the internet to achieve the same results… WITHOUT the need for botox.

Today we’ll be covering a few simple steps to help you achieve an instantly fuller pout, including tricks of the trade on how to effectively use the products which can already be found inside your make-up bag.

Step 1: Exfoliate

The easiest way to exfoliate the lips is by using a sugar-based lip scrub, however, if you don’t have a pot to-hand just reach for your spare toothbrush.

WHY… we hear you ask?!

When the brush end of a toothbrush is gently rubbed along the lips, the rough texture helps remove any dry flakes. This makes the lips look instantly fuller, as dry flakes can reduce the visible appearance of your lips.

Step 2: Quench

To avoid any further dryness, first – avoid biting the lips and second – apply a hydrating lip balm. This will help to keep the lips soft and plump, especially when you’re planning to apply heavy-duty lip products afterwards.

Step 3: Conceal

This one’s a bit of an optional step, but if your lips are uneven or heavily pigmented, the easiest way to create your desired end-result is to start from scratch.

Consider this your ‘blank canvas.’ You might look a little crazy while finishing the rest of your make-up look, but applying concealer or foundation to the lips as an initial step will help you to redraw the natural lip. It will also increase the vibrance of your chosen lipstick shade, as you’re starting with a neutral base.

Step 4: Overline

No, this doesn’t mean you have to grab the darkest lip pencil in your make-up bag and raise your cupids bow to your nostrils. We recommend resting your chosen liner (one shade darker than your lipstick if you’re opting for a bolder finish, or the same shade if you want a more natural effect) just above your natural lip line and tracing this edge to create a plump but natural finish.

Step 5: Lipstick

Our favourite way to apply lipstick after overlining (especially when faking a fuller pout) is to apply a nude shade to the centre of the lips, blending this into a slightly darker lip lined edge with a small lip brush. This creates the illusion of a more enhanced pout and is what some people refer to as ‘contouring for the lips.’

When advising people about which shade to apply, we always recommend opting for a nude shade – darker shades are known for flattening the appearance of the lip, whereas a nude tone will help to enhance their size.

Dirty Works Coconut Lip PlumperStep 6: Gloss

This one is also optional, but just as a lighter lipstick in the centre of the lips enhances them, applying a gloss to the same area helps to build definition and give more of a 3D effect.

Of course, you don’t have to opt for a traditional lip gloss at this stage. In fact, we have a Coconut Lip Plumper which delivers the finish of a lip gloss, but has also been boosted with menthol and a selection of plumping ingredients to instantly increase the appearance of lips.

Don’t worry – if that sounds a little daunting and you’re a little anxious about using a lip plumper for the first time, we’ve covered everything you need to know here.

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