Facial oil benefits

Dirty Works Facial Oil

You’ve drunk plenty of water and regularly moisturised… yet your skin is STILL looking a little dehydrated!

The good news is, the answer to all your problems can be found inside our Pure Beauty Facial Oil, a skincare must-have for people with normal-dry skin.

Don’t believe us? There’s a reason why this product has gained 100% 5-star raving reviews on our website!

Dirty Works Pure Beauty Facial OilWave bye bye to fine lines/wrinkles

Ever wondered how moisturising products (e.g. facial oils) help to slow down the signs of ageing? Antioxidants found within these skincare products can help prevent sun damage and general dryness.

Our Facial Oil includes Vitamin E and Argan Oil to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by sealing moisture in.

“This is a little miracle in a bottle! I always struggle to find something that hydrates my skin without causing break outs. I’ve used this for a couple of days and already my skin is soft. I use this day and night and I use the mud mask twice a week. Definitely a game changer!” – Taryn

Banish dryness

Day creams, moisturisers, lotions and night creams all help to keep the skin hydrated, but a facial oil can be even more effective at nourishing the complexion. A hydrating face oil can lock-in moisture WHILE preventing the ‘bad stuff’ from entering!

Specific oils included in common facial oils can even tackle problem areas faster – so they’re a great choice for pre-makeup application.

Dirty Works Pure Beauty Facial OilSensitive skin? Fear not.

Did you know, Almond Oil is packed with hydrating omega-3 fatty acids? This makes our Facial Oil an ideal choice for sensitive skin types.

Added hydration lowers the risk for external factors, like pollutants and the sun (which can often result in breakouts) from entering your skin!

“Amazing! I never leave reviews for anything but this product has made such a difference in my skin in only 3 days. I have had combo skin with acne my whole life and I am usually really sensitive to products that are supposed to hydrate your skin… but this one is light and makes my skin so smooth!! Definitely a gem!” – Paris

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