7 accessories to see you through the summer

Dirty Works Accessories for summer

Did you know, owning the right beauty accessories and tools can simplify the process of prepping your body for the summer months?

We’ve already spoken about skincare, beauty hacks and natural makeup tips to get you through the summer months, and today, we’re going to be covering the accessories you need in your life.

Hanging Washbag

Packing all your toiletries for a summer vacation can be a nightmare, especially if you’re still clutching onto a tatty washbag with one compartment.

The good news is, our Hanging Washbag is the ultimate accessory for dividing your goodies – with three handy compartments, a cute design which can be easily wiped clean, and a handy hook to hang it for easy access!


Fluffy brows may be the latest craze but getting rid of any stray hairs in-time for that sunny beach selfie is a must.

It’s easy to remove any rogue hairs with our slanted or straight tweezers, dependant on your preference!

Rough Skin Shaver

Achieve the ultimate summer pedicure and banish any dry winter skin on your feet with a little help from our Rough Skin Shaver.

One side of the pedicure tool helps to gently remove corns and calluses, while the other (flat) side smooths away any dry patches.

This little handy tool also includes 10 spare razors, which are sure to see you through the summer months!

Large Travel Mirror

We often find ourselves touching up our makeup on the go, especially when the weather is hot… and a small mirror just doesn’t make the cut!

Our Large Stand-up Travel Mirror is small enough to pop into your handbag, but big enough to show you the entirety of your face without having to bob your head around.


Exfoliating Mitt

Nothing beats a (faux) summer tan!

To get the most out of your chosen fake tan, make sure to thoroughly exfoliate the skin first. We recommend gently rubbing our Exfoliating Scrub Mitt across the skin in circular motions to prep the skin for the ultimate flawless summer glow!

Toenail Clippers

The sandals are officially out of the cupboard which means one thing… time to pay some attention to our neglected toenails!

Use our toenail clipper to clip nails straight and avoid cutting the corners, as this can lead to ingrowing toe nails.

Nail File

Take a little you-time to shape, smooth, buff and polish fingernails using our 4-in-1 Miracle Nail Shiner + Buffer.

To add an extra, colourful finishing touch, apply a few coats of one of our nail varnishes. There are three shades to choose from, including this summer’s hot colour – coral!

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