5 top tips for glossy lips

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Picture this – you’ve applied a coat of your favourite lip gloss, stepped outside and a gust of wind has caught you by surprise…. commence the hair in gloss situation. We understand the struggle!

If you’re planning to wear a glossy lip, here are five top tips for the occasion.

Tip 1:

Have you noticed that lip gloss has a tendency of collecting at the corners of your mouth? This is usually because the lips haven’t been prepped properly.

Scrub-away dead skin-cells BEFORE applying a coat of gloss for the smoothest application!

Tip 2:

One word… ponytail.

To avoid the hair in mouth situation, why not sweep your hair back into an up-do before dipping into your lip gloss collection?

Tip 3:

As liquid lip gloss has an oil-like consistency, lips are more prone to sunburn. Opt for a chapstick with SPF before your chosen lip gloss for added sun protection.

Tip 4:

Have you purchased a vibrant shade which doesn’t particularly suit your skin tone? The good news is, you can dilute the original gloss with a little assistance from a clear or nude lip gloss!

Tip 5:

Just because a lip gloss is thick, doesn’t make it any less ‘wearable’.

In fact, thicker glosses usually provide the most pigmentation and a more intense shine, whereas lighter glosses deliver a slightly opaque finish – an excellent choice for date night if there’s food involved, but not the most impactful option!

The good news?

We have two choices – a nude lip gloss for subtle drama and coral alternative for all you daring dolls!

Both lip glosses can now be purchased online and in-store at Sainsbury’s UK.

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