5 top tips for healthy summer nails

Teal Nail Varnish

You wouldn’t forget to apply sun cream when relaxing in the sun, so why neglect your nails?

If you thought clipping and filing your nails and applying a lick of polish would do the job, think again; when nails are exposed to sun and water for long periods of time serious damage can happen.

But fear not, in this article we’ll be covering our top tips to help you achieve the ultimate (healthy) at-home manicure, ready for your beach break.

1. Don’t forget to cover your nails before your holiday.

Simply apply a clear base coat or a few coats of your favourite polish to help prevent the elements (e.g. exposure to sea salt and the sun) from damaging your nails.

2. Apply natural oils to the hands and feet.

Have five minutes to sit back and relax? Take the time to apply natural oils to your hands, feet and nails to boost all-round moisture.

This added step will also help prevent the nails from splitting and improve nail flexibility.

3. Take care of your feet to keep toenails fresh.

Are you a regular gym-goer? If you’re exposed to locker room fungus, feet and nails can easily become infected. To avoid this from happening, opt for a flip flop over bare feet in the communal showers.

A tip to consider around the pool: if you’re walking around the pool on holiday, don’t forget to pop a sandal or flip flop on to keep fungus at bay!

4. Perfect your summer mani-pedi with a vibrant summer polish.

Become the envy of your friendship group with a bright nail colour.

Our Nail Polish Trio includes a coral varnish to perfect your chic summer look, a teal varnish for a tropical finish, and a mauve varnish to complete your night-time glam.

A tip to consider when packing: pack all three nail varnishes to mix-up your look and co-ordinate with your outfits.

5. Give your nails a rest… when possible.

Can you remember the last time your nails weren’t coated in a layer of varnish?

Like humans, nails sometimes require a break. In fact, dermatologists recommend leaving them to rest for a 3-month period if they feel brittle or damaged.

A tip for those who aren’t ready to brave the bare nail: don’t panic… you can always pop a strengthening base coat on to harden nails and provide a slight sheen.

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  1. Most girls can’t go without nail polish since it added beauty to our fashion. Thanks for this article as it reminds us to give our nails a break and of course, how to take care of it. 🙂

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