4 Reasons to opt for a Shimmer Lotion

Always wondered how the stars manage to achieve that radiant glow all year-round? You might presume that their product of choice would be a trusty fake tan or that their glow is, in fact, the result of a session in the sunbed – but you’d be wrong in thinking so.

Perhaps it comes as a surprise that some of the most popular celebs opt for a Shimmer Lotion instead.

Here are 4 reasons why the Shimmer Lotion has taken the industry by storm since 2016:

1. One of the perks of using a lotion is that you’ll add moisture to dry skin, while maintaining a healthy glow. You’ll also avoid the ‘sticky’ feeling that an oil delivers and the streakiness often associated with fake tan (gone-wrong).

2. There are some really great, affordable shimmer lotions on the market. Not to be biased, but we’re rooting for our own product… the Bling It On! Shimmer Lotion, which costs JUST £4 and leaves the skin smelling of our signature Dirty Works scent.

3. In addition to adding a touch of colour to the skin, shimmer lotions add a little sparkle for that glistening beachy-finish.

4. They’re also easy to remove, so if you feel like it’s not for you, just wash the product away. Alternatively, if you want the ‘natural glow’ to last for longer, apply another layer immediately!

So why choose our Bling It On! Shimmer Lotion?

We LOVE bunnies, so can proudly say that all of our products are cruelty-free – a number of them are also vegan-friendly, including this radiance-boosting lotion.

Besides an impressive £4 price-tag, our Shimmer Lotion has been packed with a selection of essential oils, including Rock Rose, Neroli and Jasmine to nourish and leave the skin smelling fresh, all daylong.

Discover our Shimmer Lotion for yourself here.

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  1. I purchased this and it works so well! It moisturises my legs and leaves them sparkly, I was a bit worried at the start if my legs would go golden and covered in glitter but it doesn’t do that!it just makes them a bit shimmery in the sunlight which is just the right amount.

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