3-step summer prep: footcare

Feet on beach

The temperature is rising, and the open-toed shoes have made an appearance – the only thing missing is a perfectly polished pedicure.

After 9 months of neglecting our feet, we want to make sure that you’re ready for the summer months, so we’ve created a guide on just that!

Buff your stuff body scrub1. Exfoliate rough patches

Ever noticed that the areas of the feet which experience the most friction become drier faster, especially after wearing socks and shoes for months at a time?

Those with rough skin can use our Smoothing Foot File to soften skin texture, while our Rough Skin Shaver is a great option for those who suffer with corns, calluses, and rough skin, due to the flat finishing rasp which helps to remove hard skin.

For some extra TLC, and to minimise dry patches and even-out texture, soak feet first until the skin is soft, then choose between our Buff Your Stuff Scrub, Buttery Salt Scrub, and Coconut Sugar Scrub.

Dirty Works Best Foot Forward Foot Butter2. Post-bath prep

Cracked heels, soles and dry patches are all common foot concerns that many of us face after ignoring our feet during the winter.

The best way to prepare feet for the ultimate pedicure (after exfoliating) is by moisturising them with an intensely nourishing foot butter. After all, you wouldn’t neglect your legs, so why neglect your feet?

The good news is, our Best Foot Forward Foot Butter is extremely hydrating and combines a nourishing blend of Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter, plus Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil to invigorate and refresh achy feet!

Off Duty Nail Polish Trio3. Your at-home pedicure

A major step in preparing your feet for the summer months is a deep cleanse… and for all you beginners, that doesn’t just involve washing daily dirt away and exfoliating!

For the ultimate at-home pedicure (after feet have been dipped into warm water to soften nails), clean beneath the nails to remove any dirt and push the cuticle down. Avoid cutting the cuticle at all costs, as this protects skin and nails from germs!

Follow-up by clipping nails with our Toenail Clipper and filing any sharp edges away with one of our Printed Emery Boards or Glass Nail File, then coat them with a layer of your favourite nail polish.

Choose between three iconic Dirty Works colours with our Nail Polish Trio, including a vibrant teal, coral and mauve shade!

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