• TWO STEP YOUR WAY TO THE PERFECT PEDI…. - We get it; taking a long overdue peek at your feet after winter hibernation isn’t the most ap-peeling of tasks. Plus, there’s the tiny issue that actually leaving the house has become a thing of the past this year, and don’t get us started on the lack of nail bars for pedi related perils! So, […]
  • SUMMER SCRUBBIN’ WILL HAVE YOU A BLAST… - Ok so if, like us, in the crazy times we’re living in you keep forgetting that summer is within tan-talising reach, fear not! As all you dedicated Dirty Workers know, being bikini (translation: Insta) ready will always be totally essential, whether the beach is in Bali or your bedroom. And let’s be real, who doesn’t […]
  • NEW YEAR, NEW… EVERYTHING? - A New look, What's Changed?